builds strong communities…

SmartTown ai builds strong communities

Harnessing the power of advanced AI technology, is a civic engagement platform that enables citizens to identify and report repair needs in their neighborhoods. Repair data is tracked and monitored to completion so that citizens can be assured that their reports are being addressed.  Reporting is done through an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface, and anyone […]

5 Reasons Big Tech Companies Could be Broken Into Pieces

Reasons Big Tech Companies Could be Broken Into Pieces

In recent years, the monopolies of big tech companies have come under increasing scrutiny. These companies have amassed immense power and wealth, and their impact on our lives is growing every day.  In this short blog from — your source for essential information and news about the future of artificial intelligence and AI technology […]

FL Colleges: 5 Reasons To Offer A.I. Environmental Data Degrees

Environmental data science is a rapidly growing field: Ecological data science increases as the need for data-driven solutions to environmental problems increases. AI-based environmental data science programs can help meet this demand by providing students with the skills and knowledge to solve environmental problems. AI environmental data science can help solve some of the world’s […]