About MyFL.ai

Learn about MyFL.ai’s mission to bring the science and innovation of AI to Florida’s public sector

Changing the World Through AI

At MyFL.ai, we believe super artificial intelligence is a force that has the power to transform the world — and we want to share this force with you.

MyFL.ai is a nonprofit that’s dedicated to aggregating and sharing the latest news, updates, breakthroughs, and conversations revolving around AI. This is done to educate the public, the government, and private companies on the power of AI, so they can start using it to optimize their processes and achieve better things.

By bringing together news and information from AI thought leaders, programmers and investors, we facilitate the development of AI technology and events.

Giving Back to Florida

Through encouraging connections between investors and AI developers and facilitating the giving of grants and other sources of funding, MyFL.ai is helping the biggest minds in AI develop much-needed applications for Florida state and country programs.

With a focus on changing systems that deal with stormwater runoff and other environmental concerns, we are directly impacting the development and building of AI applications that  help Florida. 

Learn more about the projects we’re working on by exploring our website.

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