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AI Big Data and Eradicating Florida’s Red Tide

A.I., Big Data and Eradicating Florida’s Red Tide

How AI Technology is Saving FL’s Coastal Towns

In Santa Rosa Beach, FL, uses AI systems and Big Data to protect community watersheds from the negative impacts of red tide. These toxic algal blooms, super-charged by stormwater runoff, turn naturally-occurring red tides into super-choker events. “What was once an only environmental issue is rapidly becoming an economic issue… sending visitors to the hospital and resulting in significant cancellations,”. says Douglas Liles, chief of

Liles and his team use their proprietary to design, build and monitor stormwater systems to protect Florida’s coastal towns from future red tide events. By collecting and analyzing data from NASA Earth Science and local ground sensors, can predict how future events will unfold and what steps to take to protect the community’s watershed.

“AI will play a big role in helping us understand our environment and how we can best protect it,” says Liles. “It will help us make better decisions about where we build, how we build, and what kind of infrastructure we need to put in place.”

For now,’s AI technology is the only one of its kind in Florida, but Liles believes that it won’t be long before other states start using AI systems to combat red tide.

“We hope that, through AI, we can help Florida’s coastal towns avoid the negative impacts of red tide and other environmental threats,” says Liles. “By using AI to monitor and protect our waters, we can ensure that Florida’s economy remains strong for years to come.” is a Florida-based AI company on a mission to use artificial intelligence and machine learning for good. We’re using AI and Big Data to protect Florida’s environment and economy from the negative impacts of red tide and other environmental threats. Learn more about us at or follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.” is supported in part by a grant from Microsoft.

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