Join Our Collective of Tech Innovators at the Silicon Valley of Florida

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to live  in the Florida panhandle and join our community of AI developers and tech professionals at the New AI Collective at our Santa Rosa Beach campus

Bringing Together the Best and Brightest in AI

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to bring your skill and expertise to beautiful Santa Rosa Beach on the Florida panhandle?

At the New AI Collective, we’re building a community of AI developers, engineers, investors, and other tech industry professionals to live and work at our new campus in Santa Rosa Beach.

With a number of AI projects already in development and strong incentives to create more, we’re looking to facilitate the migration of some of the best-skilled and well-educated AI leaders to Florida.

With a limited number of slots that are filling up fast, this is your chance to develop your best ideas and work alongside some of the brightest minds in the country to create new technology and improve Florida’s biggest environmental and public problems.

Get Your Ideas Funded and Built

Are you itching to turn your idea into a reality, but are hesitant to leave your current role just to fight for venture capital you may not even secure?

The New AI Collective has everything startup founders, developers, and AI thought leaders need to live their lives to the fullest while developing and working on technology that actually moves the world forward.

Perks involved with joining the collective include:

And if you don’t want to join our physical campus, you can always apply as a remote associate.

Live in a Sustainable, Off-Grid Community

New a.i. Tech Hub SRB FL

Located in the middle of Point Washington State Park, the New AI Collective combines a beautiful, natural landscape with sustainable technology and the ability to nurture and develop your best ideas.

Powered 100% by solar energy, our Santa Rosa Campus is hidden within the forest alongside tortoises, snakes, birds, and breathtaking scenery.

Secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city, we emphasize the nurturing and development of science, engineering, and technology collaborations. We also host internships and mentorship programs, and create a home base for all the projects that are incubated and developed here.

Projects and Companies We’re Developing

Work Remotely or On-Site With the New AI Collective by Applying Now