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Tackling stromwater with Microsoft Grant Receives Microsoft Grant to Tackle Stormwater Pollution, a Florida nonprofit focused on developing AI technology and AI systems for the environment, announced it has received a grant from Microsoft Azure to tackle stormwater pollution. The budget will allow to build out its cloud infrastructure and use machine learning algorithms to model how human land-use impacts forests, focusing on stormwater runoff. This work is critical to understanding and mitigating the impacts of climate change on our environment.

“We are excited to receive this grant from Microsoft Azure,” said founder and CEO Douglas Liles. “It will allow us to build the infrastructure we need to scale our work and have a real impact on the problem of stormwater pollution.” plans to use the grant money to hire additional staff, including data scientists and engineers, and to purchase computing resources from Microsoft Azure. The nonprofit will also use the grant to fund the research and development of its machine learning algorithms.

The work that is doing is essential not only for Florida but for the entire world. As we face the impacts of climate change, we must have the tools and data we need to understand and mitigate those impacts.’s work will help us do just that.

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